The Polytechnic Ibadan ePayment Guide Read this registration guideline carefully before starting your online registration.

The Polytechnic Ibadan ePayment Guide
Read this registration guideline carefully before starting your online registration. All students are required to pay Tuition Fee before completing their course registration. Kindly read the following instructions completely before continue with your registration.
The polytechnic Ibadan now runs ePayment solution for all its fees collections and this require you to be adequately informed on the procedures. First of all, you would be using any Interswitch enabled ATM card to pay electronically. While we have done our best in providing a suitable platform for all our ePayments, you must be careful of the manner in which you make your payments!
Avoid paying in public cafes for reasons such as card hijacking, misplacement, or theft, which you cannot be certain about
Avoid disclosing your pin to anyone to pay on your behalf, or if you must, change your pin to something simpler before you say it to someone else
Avoid loading your card with amount more than the fee you are to pay (We already implement preventive measures but the payer’s carelessness may override such in which case, we become helpless in the matter)
Avoid joining a mass registration Centre. Extreme precaution is needed in making online payments which includes repetitive confirmation of naira figures displayed on multiple windows.
Avoid absent-mindedness while proceeding with your registration. Read all instructions on the screen (Even when someone else is helping you out). Take note of your transaction references, registration ids, inside a diary/notes or some other related materials
Avoid losing your registration documents.
We hope that you find this approach seamless, but should you encounter any awkward transition during your registration process, feel free to contact us through the contacts provided in the contact us section
1. Log on to use your matric number as both username and password
2. This brings up your own page as an individual student with the URL (universal resource locator) displaying Then, by the left corner of the page click on “My School Fees”.
3. This brings page, starting with your name, programme, faculty, department etc. as shown above
4. Click on the “my school fees” it brings up a particular page
5. On this particular page, scroll down, fill the form as required then you can pay through any of the option below, that is the Interswitch, MasterCard or the verve card payment option.
6. After clicking on any of the above payment option, it brings up a page displaying a page with a webpage on it, with the particular amount owing by the student, c lick on the drop box and select any of the payment option as shown below
7. This brings up a page displaying, card number, expiry date, card pin, fill each box and click on pay to complete your payment as shown below
8. If your request as previously had been sent, it displays a duplicate request, but if not it shows transaction completed.

Credit To Fawole joshua(Don Jos)

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